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Kamar kamar Kost di Bintaro Sektor 9

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MANAGEMENT AUDIT SERVICES OBJECTIVE Our Management Audit services aim to provide comprehensive, objective, reliable and accurate assessments of company’s effectiveness, efficiency and readiness to respond […]

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Job Opportunity in Jakarta : Senior Marketing Officer Major Customers

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Heavy Equipment Operator Training. Delivered at your site by HE3000

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Rumah3000 memerlukan beberapa Property Marketing Executives.

Rumah3000 memerlukan beberapa Property Marketing Executives. Daerah Kerja Bintaro Jaya dan sekitarnya. Tugas-Tugas Utama Menghubungi para pemilik properti yang ingin menjual atau menyewakan properti mereka dan […]

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Article July 12, 2017

The biggest problem-solving mistake is dealing with the symptoms of a problem rather than its “root causes.”

Sometimes even the “experts” don’t find the fundamental reason the problem exists right away. When symptoms are treated, “band-aid” decisions are made. Then old symptoms reappear, or new ones emerge, and the same old problem returns.

Step-by-Step Method

By taking the steps of systematic problem solving and decision-making you can prevent problems from recurring.

They include:

  • STEP 1 : Problem Recognition
  • STEP 2 : Problem Labeling
  • STEP 3 : Problem-cause analysis
  • STEP 4 : Optional solutions
  • STEP 5 : Decision-making
  • STEP 6 : Action Planning


Problem solving and decision making begins by recognizing that a situation needs resolution. This boils down to listing of all hard and soft symptoms relevant to the problem. Even when the troubles are obvious, it is a good idea to start with Step 1. No matter how serious or stressful the first encounter with a problem may seem, it is usually only a symptom of the underlying trouble or real problem. Symptoms may be trivial, like one minor defect, or they may be serious issues that must be dealt with quickly, such as falling production levels. Regardless, they are often simply just side effects of the real problem that lies beneath the surface.


After completing Step 1, you should have a wealth of data on your problem. It may be confusing and you still may not know what kind of a problem you have. People may have different interpretations of the same issue. A problem will look different from different vantage points. Those doing the looking may label it with different words even though they’re talking about the same issue. Whether differences of opinions are about details or major issues, disagreement blocks the necessary teamwork to resolve things.

Step 2 attempts to identify and label both sides of the conflict in a way that everyone can accept. The result of Problem Labeling is a simple agreed-upon statement of the common denominators of the problem. You need to identify the central issue that needs resolution. This should give you a unifying statement of the main problem.


Problem-Cause Analysis produces the true problem definition. So why have we taken valuable time with Steps 1 and 2? Because it is extremely difficult to sort through the mental and emotional issues that cloud a problem. Previous steps helped create general awareness of what the problem is and isn’t. These steps helped sort out the causes, contributing forces or stimuli that raised the problem in the first place from the effects, the symptoms, and by-products of the causes. Step 3 looks for the root cause of the problem. The root cause is a controllable, solvable force which explains why the problem exists.


Step 4 is called “Optional Solutions” because the goal is to complete a list of conceivable alternatives. You’re looking for any strategies, which will address the root cause and resolve the problem once and for all. Insisting on a comprehensive list prevents you from rushing off impulsively with the first idea that sound good. There’s a chance that if you follow the first off-the-cuff proposal, it will be inferior, inadequate, or unbalanced. You’ve come this far by avoiding short cuts. Don’t give in to the temptation now. A complete list of alternatives is essential before proceeding to Step 5.


Step 5 allows you to choose one alternative solution as a course of action. You make a value judgment on what to do about the problem. The result you want is a firm joint decision on the chosen optional solution. This means selecting one strategy from the list in Step 4 that everyone will respect. The philosophy of Step 5 is analysis and evaluation. This means lining your ducks up, weeding out the worst choices, and weighing remaining choices against each other. You will consider ranking, prioritizing, and scoring the alternatives to make your choice. The goal is to find the “right” solution using a practical, scientific process.


The best solution ever conceived and agreed-upon won’t solve a problem if it isn’t put into action. An action plan outlines who will do what, where and by when. An action plan organizes tasks which implement the decision in actual practice. Timing, personnel and other resources must be considered and choreographed into action.

Setting performance standards plus a follow up monitoring mechanism, is vital to ensure that the plan is carried through.

Always consider Murphy’s Law; “That which can go wrong, will.” No matter how well you predict the future, think through the sequence of implementation, or estimate time and resources, your plan will rarely go as conceived. It is better to anticipate problems and prepare as best you can. The best action plans include contingency thinking to avoid Murphy’s worst effects.

SOURCE: www.trimitra.com



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Why Should You Use Classified Ads?

Article June 13, 2017

Let’s recap what you have done so far.  To begin with, you gained access to the Internet and looked at what everyone was doing, by putting words into the Search Engines through your Browser.  You were transported all over the Internet and you were duly impressed.  Then, you probably applied for a Newsletter here, an E-zine there, or downloaded a game or program.

All of a sudden your email was starting to bulge with incoming offers, proposals and opportunities.

So you got your own Web Site.

You know that you should register your web site with the Search Engines, as that was the first lesson you learned.  However, what you may not know, is that it can take from now – to 6 months from now – or never – to get the search engines to post your web site submission.

That is one reason why classified ads are so important.

Classified ads are a stop-gap advertising tool between now, when your site is first submitted to the search engines, to the time when the search engines post your submission to their listings.  Classified Ads are usually posted in a matter of seconds to the next day.  Many of the conscientious sites like to review the content that you are submitting to their pages.

Another reason to consider using classified ads.

Make sure that you are dealing with socially acceptable material or search for sites that handle “Adult”  (they must say so on their sites).

Even after your site has been accepted by the Search Engines, how do you get out all your specials, announcements, up-dates and so on, in the immediate real time?  Use Classified Ads. 

Classified Ads  are a marvelous way to start your own email list or customer mailing list.

When folks answer ads they want the information NOW, don’t you agree?  Generally, they can contact you directly through email or if you have directed them to your web site they can find what they want – immediately.  It is a Win-Win happening.

They are a super acid test for new product viability to pretest  sales.  You can test products out before building up your inventory.

There are many Classified ad sites on the web.  If you are paying for this service, reduce the cost to a per-ad basis so that you judge one site to the other for the best offer.  Do a comparison review showing what you will get for your package and finally set up a system to monitor the results.  Not all sites will give you the same benefits, plus what you are offering will reflect the results too.

Why don’t you try out a classified ad site on a trial basis for free to determine:

  • The results
  • How the material is presented to viewers
  • How easy the site is to work with
  • Whether or not the ads can be modified or deleted after postings
  • How responsible are the folks that offer the classified ad site.

Classified advertising is often overlooked or misused.  Marketers misuse a site or as many as they can find  pounding in their information until it is considered spam.  Not a good idea.  Set yourself up with a program like you were using the newspaper classified ads and gain exposure but with dignity.

Classified advertising is very effective if used correctly and with a specific purpose – exposure.

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